Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spectacle Nights in Togo

I am happy to announce through all the stress and the sweat and toil of planning this event has brought me nothing but joy in the aftermath. I am sure that I am the most popular Yovo this side of Togo. There is so much to say when explaining how the red carpet rolled out that for now I am going to let you make your own assumptions and just enjoy it as if you were there through these photos.
There were moments of panic and some things that didn’t go well or as planned but I am happy with all the help of the team behind me in working together to realize these events. I have been asked by many people in village when is the next spectacle, sadly to say I am hoping that it will be something my replacement can continue to facilitate along with the others. I have faith in the Association behind the planning of the events and believe that they are now equipped with the knowledge of how to accomplish another event of this magnitude. It won’t be long before the Spectacle makes a nationwide debut calling in participants from all towns to perform together in the Togolese Idol meets Project Runway meets Star Search du Togo.
I would like to extend a special thanks to all of you who contributed to the Friends of Togo Funding Grant that helped me realize these events. I have already noticed an increased presence of self-confidence, accomplishment and spirit throughout my village. It was a time to be able to recognize and award the efforts of many creative and talented people in a small town in Togo.
Francois the haut couture mens and womens designer sporting a wonderful mix of Miami Vice meets Men in Black

Claudine shines as she graces the podium

I grabbed my favorite tailor in village to walk the runway with me

Wheres Yovo... here I am in line with all the models

Yankee presents his finest calabash art

A wonderful work showing the union of the US and Togo

Even the local carpenters participated in promoting thier work with a performance of -the joy of finding money under the couch cushions-

The second night of the spectacle opened with performances from the Dagbeneva Group in Kpalime...they brought in the crowds with thier proffesionalism and left the youth with something to aspire towards-even better in traditional dance

Hip Hop has its influences here but these boys had created their own proper tune...complete with bustin dance moves

Aglame created and performed his latest hit -simplement-

It was wonderful to see some raw talent from the petites in village and after they broke into a dance many of us joined them on stage

All the participants of the two evenings recieved thier diplomas of participation -and were excited to see the USA Peace Corps logo on it; Barack has made the US logo more popular here-

The crowd wailed and cheered and left wanting more but when things start late -as is the case en Afrique- you get tired quick and hope for a timely exit

As the funds arrive for phase two of this grand project the community waits with excitment for the use of thier new community exhibition hall


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Nadia said...

Wow! That looked like just a great time. I'm happy for you. Best wishes to you these last few months. I know you're going to miss it. So, don't worry about anyone or anything else, just enjoy it.