Friday, July 31, 2009

Au revoir

Here I go...after over two years spent in Togo..bon voyage

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Peace out Togo

Peace OUT
And thus it has come this far, I am at the end of this wild roller coaster ride and I'm on my way home in a matter of weeks. I never thought I would feel this great about it all and make it through but then again, I never say never. And when I say I'm gonna do it, you better believe it will get done. So where to now? Pittsburgh out I'm coming home from the wilds of Africa. Some things will never be the same.

Here are some samplings of what I may miss, and what I can't wait to update...

Haute Couture de L'Afrique
I am sure going to miss being my own personal designer with custom tailors on site. Don't worry, I've made a complete fall and spring line to wear statside out of the printed patterns of Africa.

Grocery shopping
I can't wait to expand my list to include anything else that you don't see here. Because this is as good as it gets my folks, so pass the maca and sardines.

Video Club

Having the option to experience foreign films, well mostly pirated copies of foreign films is available. But, I will be running back into the arms of Netflix and the cushy lounge chairs of the megaplex cinemas.

I never though I would say this and if you had asked me in the beginning I would have said "for sure!" as they invaded my privacy and screamed "yovo" at me. But look at them...anyone with a heart would miss thier precious lil faces.