Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Africa, you got me.  See you soon!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It takes more than a thousand words... describe my time in Africa.
The best way I can tell you my stories is to show you what I was not only a spectator, but an actress in the play that was "Two Years in Togo and Beyond"










and so it goes...

Friday, July 31, 2009

Au revoir

Here I go...after over two years spent in Togo..bon voyage

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Peace out Togo

Peace OUT
And thus it has come this far, I am at the end of this wild roller coaster ride and I'm on my way home in a matter of weeks. I never thought I would feel this great about it all and make it through but then again, I never say never. And when I say I'm gonna do it, you better believe it will get done. So where to now? Pittsburgh out I'm coming home from the wilds of Africa. Some things will never be the same.

Here are some samplings of what I may miss, and what I can't wait to update...

Haute Couture de L'Afrique
I am sure going to miss being my own personal designer with custom tailors on site. Don't worry, I've made a complete fall and spring line to wear statside out of the printed patterns of Africa.

Grocery shopping
I can't wait to expand my list to include anything else that you don't see here. Because this is as good as it gets my folks, so pass the maca and sardines.

Video Club

Having the option to experience foreign films, well mostly pirated copies of foreign films is available. But, I will be running back into the arms of Netflix and the cushy lounge chairs of the megaplex cinemas.

I never though I would say this and if you had asked me in the beginning I would have said "for sure!" as they invaded my privacy and screamed "yovo" at me. But look at them...anyone with a heart would miss thier precious lil faces.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Out with a Bang..and a building

So here it is...gaze your eyes on my final project for my fellow villagers. The construction of an exhibition hall for artisans and the trades of Adeta. Here is a short blip but the reporting is all there complete with photos on all phases of the construction.
This project was realized in part due to a strong community of trades people and their need for a hall to promote and sell their crafts as well as on the part of Peace Corps Partnership funding, where a number of generous friends and family back home in the USA contributed to the purchase of materials. Since my time here as a Peace Corps Volunteer working in the domain of Enterprise Development I have witnessed a lack of such a venue. It is my hopes that this hall will invite the progress and development of numerous tailor trades and youth of Adéta as well as become a site where many a visitor can experience all that Adéta has to offer while finding that special souvenir of their time in Togo, West Africa. So please come and experience the art and trades of Togo.
I would like to Thank everyone again who contributed to the realization of this project. Your thoughts and wishes rest with the community of Adeta, Togo and they are truly grateful.

Here is the original summary of the project as listed on the Peace Corps Partnership Website:

A community center plays a large role in the development and solidarity of the population it serves. As a centralized location, it provides trade unions, artisans, women, and other community members with a forum to share goals and launch activities. In the town of Adéta, there once stood a community center available to meet all the demands of a growing population. After removal of funding from the state the building fell apart and closed its doors.
With community leaders, we have mapped out a plan to rehabilitate the community center through the proposed the idea of holding a “Spectacle de Créativité”(talent show). This event would aim to promote the artist trades of Adéta as well as the activities of its youth, generating the economic development of Adeta. To further realize these goals, this project looks to install a self-sustainable exposition hall and information center to house promotional events focused on the artisan trades and creative youth that will initiate the rehabilitation of Adéta's community center. The exhibition center will house handmade articles for sale made by community members, as well as offer community information on activities. Contined participation in events such as the "spectacle" will generate revenue for the upkeep and growth of the exhibition hall. The local community has purchased a plot of land and agreed to assist in all aspects of the construction. To complete these efforts, this project requests $993.24 to aid in the purchase of materials for the construction of the exposition hall.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Construction of Adeta's Exhibition Hall...coming soon!

Thanks to financing from donors and supporters stateside, My Peace Corps Partnership project to build a community exhibition hall and promotional center is slated to begin this week. The community is ready to turn the donation into a physical place where all the trades people of Adeta and the creative youth can show the world the talent they possess. It will also aid in promoting the collaboration of many village associations and active community entrepenuers through the sales of locally handcrafted items, further stimulating its economy and placing an importance on local craft and solidarity amongst its members.

Ak bey ka ka looooo!

Petite a Petite l'oiseau fait son nid....

les petites...

Ohh kids...they say and Do the darndest things..especially when they know you have a camera. Here are some images from the kids of the Andikra fishing village in Ghana. They swarmed around me chanting "my friend, my friend, come with me and I'll show you my home..." It was a really sweet day.