Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Got a few pennies for Togo?

Just a friendly reminder, in the final months of my service I hope to complete my goal of the construction of a community exposition hall to promote the talent of my village and be available as a forum to share ideas and develop as a community. My project is currently posted on the Peace Corps Partnerships Website and is looking for just over $500 to complete the goal. If you have a few pennies in your piggy bank at home to donate to the cause please feel free to visit the site and read all about it here.

To show you just who you will be helping, here are some images of the last event held in my village by “Teleloisir” a T.V. Station from the capital who holds game shows at locations around the country.

The local pastor and choir bring down the house with the first performance of the evening. I think I may make an effort to attend one Catholic mass if it is as entertaining as this was. However the thought of sitting in a hot stuffy church for 4 hours when I could barely attend the hour long services back in the states is preventing me from going.

My women's group of rice farmers, whom I assist in marketing practices, put on a skit and act about the harvest. This was by far my favorite act since it encompased the talent of my “grams” in village as she belted out songs in local language and shook her groove thing dancing the traditional chicken dance. I was taken back at her agility at that age, yet realize that age has played a part on her ability to carry a tune, factor in the use of a microphone in the hands of an elder and've got a need for earplugs.

The local comedian “Sans Valise” put on a hobo act, explaining his travels without a suitcase, and then showed the audience why one is not necessary as he stripped down to his boxers, removing 20+ layers of clothing. I don't know what impressed me more, the legs of that man or the talent of wearing 20 layers of clothing on a 80 degree evening.

And then, my favorite performers in Adeta, the “Chicago Boyz” did their dance theatrics. I'm telling you once I upload this video you are going to see some raw talent. They specialise in modern hip hop and traditional african dances and you'd be impressed. I am every time. But for now here's a pic from another event where they displayed a more traditional approach, taking avantage of the rain that paused a graduation celebration for seamstress apprenties.

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