Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 1 of Spectacle week ..SUCCESS

They were all winners in the end.
SO here are some photos from the soccer match I organized in my town between the middle school and high school. This match was to jump start the community-wide talent show events of this weekend and in the end...after all the stress and sweat running around town organizing, I felt good at the turnout. No one was hurt, the lycee (high school) won the close match and all the players walked away with school supplies to aid in thier final exams. Thanks Friends of Togo for helping me realize the first part of this weeks events.

Team White Lycee d'Adeta (High School)

Team Blue CEG Adeta (Middle School)

The referees make a final plea for a safe match after I signaled the event with a speech and the opening kick.

What a beautiful (but hot) sunny afternoon in Togo for a match.

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