Friday, February 20, 2009

Togo likes to party

When in as the Togolese. So when the Togolese party it's all about good friends, good fun , and matching outfits. Not to mention stuffing your face at the end. Here are some highlights from my Valentines day festivities. There was a huge region wide fashion show where all the seamstresses, tailors, and their patrons partied on the mountain top. Which involved each village in the region constructing matching outfits, parading out, dancing, singing, and then...PICNIC TIME!! After all the marching around everyone got down and dirty.... Who brought the sodabe? My friend Chrissy and I, upon being notified of the festivities a bit late threw together a matching pretty in pink ensemble and hit the town. It was wonderful. I love my village! We REPRESENTED!
Abra, Togoto and Aglame cleaning up the couscous bowl
Zoro stuffin face with s-getti salad, water sachet on hand for a quick clean up
When not a table left in site..use chez Eugenie's tete.
Yup, that one there..on the left, he stole the biggest drumstick.

So you think this one can dance, oh boy can he, just look at that face..kid can boogie.

If you're good enough someone will slap a coin on your forhead, paper bills are a bit too cher to be stuffing into pants.

Beg and the bottle...don't worry this kid works nights at a bar.
She didn't want to do it but Precious here made her do it.
If you find a video of this on know it was really me...and I though pressures of drinking in college were bad.

How do you get down..well stick your butt out and do the chicken dance..shake it shake it

yo? eh? enyo ento!

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