Saturday, February 28, 2009

Haute Couture du Togo..How to rock the Pagne

So you want to know who the Marc Jacobs of Togo's the haute gamme of pagne and Vlisco is where it's at. Here's a few window scenes of their boutique in the capital city of Lome. This is where I seek inspiration for the many ways one can construct meters of printed cloth into a work of "complet" construction.
Here is thier site if you are interested in learning more of who dresses the wealthy Togolese. Based in the Netherlands, this company has been in the African fabric business since 1847 (way back in colonial times) and have shops in Togo, Benin, the Netherlands, and soon Nigeria.
Handprinted Vlisco fabrics at a factory in Ghana.

The Vlisco location in Togo, West Africa.

Some images from their ad campaign.

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