Friday, May 22, 2009


So if you may be wondering what's on the menu in Togo, here are a few favorites enjoyed by many.
Where else can you find a car full of nanners and pineapples! right at my local taxi station!

I ran out of gas and was thus forced to cook like the locals...over charcoal and a slow flame.

When you are on the road there is never a need to pull over or seek out a local drive-thru because all of the country is one big drive thru window...they come to you but you better be quick with the change because the driver waits for no one.

No need to pound the yams..this one is like instant need for a massive mortar and pestal.

From these lovely little fruits of the baobab tree come a juice called "langba" which is the best local energy and vitamin elixir.

Looking for exotic meats, python perhaps? No worries there may be someone on the side of the road selling a recent kill. Tastes like chicken my friend.

It was a red African treat found at my local marche and tasted much like starfruit.

A Togelese 7-11
Dunkin Doughnuts

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