Wednesday, March 18, 2009

and so she enters her 30th year

In the states our one special day is our birthday where you are royalty for a day and your life is celebrated... but here in Togo and many parts of Africa its the special day for all the invitees..not you. Meaning everyone is looking to profit from the celebration of anothers bday and its up to you to fund your celebration. I managed to figure out a plan to go with the usual traditions that filled most of my previous bday celebrations while utilising the resources of my village.

Everyone who was invited was asked to wear green and I brought sodabe, the locally made palm wine with green mint syrup to color it as well as peanuts and popcorn. My PC buds made me the most amazing carrot cake with laughing cow frosting and we all sat together over milk stouts from Ghana and even though part of me got the impresssion that I let them down from not slaughtering a cow and paying for dinner and drinks for the entire village, I recieved some wonderful gifts and great company. So here I am now....29 and in Togo.

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Dave said...

Happy B-day Meg!