Sunday, May 18, 2008

all is not lost

I am soo sorry for those of you who hope for continual entertainment through my blog. I am trying to get a couple good postings together but have been so busy in village and abound.

For some updates:

Health-doing well and have been managing the heat. It is now rainy season so the bug are biting and I probably have about 20 new bites daily. Self restrain to not scratch is futile.

Happiness- Coming back from visiting Wil in Mauritania I had a new found appreciation for life in village. I was well recieved by my friends in village. I think they thought I left for good. Now that they know I haven't, they want to know where thier presents are that I forgot to bring them back from my trip. Geeeezzz... Only thing missing...Wil. I have plans to try to have him relocated to Togo to live with me. We will see.

Love- Still difficult without family and friends(hometown) near by but doing well lovin myself. Wil and I are stronger than ever and who knows.. Will keep you posted of future status change.

Voyages- Had a great time visiting Wil in Mauritania. From camel sandwiches to hot car rides through the barren wasteland. Everything is so much more fun when we're together. I will post a blip on my comparisions to life here and there.

Food-IT's MANGO here there everywhere there's a mango! I have a new found appreciation for all things birthed in nature, including fruits and vegetables. I crave pineapple, apples(though imported here), mango, grapefruit on a daily basis and all i have to do to tame the crave is walk a few feet and drop a coin for a whole pile. I am going to have a hard time returning to bying produce in the states. It's so cheap here..and plentiful...mmmm. I also can't stop eating these damn yummy peanuts. I plan on buying a bowl at marche, blanching them and sand roasting myself. I feel that if I do I will eat them all and potentially I but the little sacs on the streets to control my obsessive noshing. If you only knew the difference, I will never be able to eat a planters peanut just doesn't compare. I am also planning on creating a food journal of all the oddities and locally eaten goodies here...

Work- everything is going great in village and I have a lot of things to do. I am going to be a camp counselor for a girls apprentice camp in JUne. I am working with a batiker developing products for local market and beyond. Had a meeting with USAID that went well, to see how to develop artists locally by participating in local and international trade shows. (I knew my previous employment would come in handy at some point) Making chocolate at home from the cacao beans from my counterparts stocks. (and tools, ie small food processor, molds,books on making chocolate, soy lechitin, cocoa butter etc..can be sent at any whim) Working with women's groups in village to build improved cookstoves (that use less wood or charcoal) Ohh this is a whole post in itself..soon..I promise.

Well in a wrap..more to come..stay tuned...sorry my satellite has been down and all you get is static. "The Yovo Show" staring Adjovi (Megan) to be continued...

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Dave said...

Good to hear things are going well!