Monday, February 11, 2008

Fun with Food in Togo

Here are some of my favorite dishes.

Fulani Cheese "Wagash" and Tamarind Chews

Ohh My Meringues

My Mom's Best in Togo

Pom and Peanuts

Homemade Bagels in my Bitty Dutch Oven


mdelzoppo said...

those bagels look AMAZING!!!

Jodis said...

Megan, OMG I read through all your blogs. Love it! You are so good at writing. I apologize that I have not written or sent you anything. I have thought about it many times and wondered how you were doing there. I forgot that you would be posting something on blog. It looks so neat there. How was Christmas with Wil? How is he doing where he is? Have you been to visit him in the village that he lives in? Not much is new in the states here. Just working and as you said moving in warp speed. Super-bowl is this Sunday.... We will probably just watch the game and hang out. I love the pic of you and your host family. If I were to send you a package what is something you need?
Your hair is so long and dark. It looks great. Well, hopefully you took some pictures while Wil was there and you can posted them. Ok... can't wait to read more blogs. I am adding it to my favorites. Miss you.... can't wait until you are back and we can sit and you can tell me all about your great times.

Love, Jodi
Not sure if you saw my message before... tell me what to send you.. What do you need?

P.S Did you make those bowls